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A new Energy & Recycling Facility at Knostrop WwTW, project value £62.2M. The existing site is a brown field site.


The following is a brief summary of the scope of works to be carried out at Knostrop and represents the Energy and Recycling Facility. It includes the following key items:

  • Transfer of primary sludge from the Low Level Works & High Level Works

  • Thickened and unthickened import facility and primary sludge screening

  • Transfer of Secondary Activated Sludge (SAS) from the existing wastewater treatment works (WwTW) and SAS handling facilities including unthickened sludge storage,transfer and thickener feed tank

  • Sludge thickening & Import of sludge cake and re-wetting system

  • Sludge digestion facilities including heating, mixing and a dedicated compound

  • Heat and Power installation including a hot water system, Biogas storage and handling including waste gas burner and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generators with a heating circuit connected to dual fuel boilers

  • Dewatering, lime treatment and storage, polymer make up and dosing and final product storage in a covered barn capable of accommodating two weeks production at 30,000 tds/a

  • Balancing of dewatering return liquors prior to treatment in a dedicated liquor treatment plant and transfer to full treatment at Knostrop WwTW

Knostrop WTW - Yorkshire Water Amp 6